Blockchain technology is one of the well and all-rounder technology. Everyone recognizes that blockchain technology is a technology that works without any permission from the central authority.

This technology is the back of the famous cryptocurrency like bitcoin and Ethereum. So many other financial and industrial firms work on this technology, which is why this technology is ruling everywhere. This technology is getting popularity in the day by day of life and career of this technology.

Everyone knows that bitcoin crypto was the first who introduced this technology in front of people, and after that, slowly, this technology started gaining popularity. Some people do not know much about blockchain technology, which is all due to a lack of knowledge. Blockchain technology is one of the most superior and first-rate security provider technologies, and everyone knows it. If you have to store something precious to you, like information or funds, you can easily store it in it, and then you do not need to worry about anything.

This technology is resistant to hackers, and no one can break the safety. If we define blockchain technology in simple words, it is a technology that performs all the work without any permission of the central authority. This technology is based on a decentralized system with no link between government and central authority.

You are on your own. You can do all the activities without any permission, and the best thing is you want to know about this technology, and then you can also read out the eBooks on the Bitcoin app. Some of the points are written in the below-mentioned paragraph. Have a look at the points and learn about the books on blockchain technology.


Chris Burniske and Jack Tatar wrote this book, and it is based on blockchain technology. In this book, the writers cover blockchain technology from the financial perspective, and on the other hand, they also cover vital technological concepts. The full name of the book is Cryptoassets.

This book is specially written for investors and bitcoin enthusiasts also. Book keeps most of the explanations appropriate and understandable to skim the book. The book’s starting was from the beginning of the bitcoin crypto in 2008, both the writers cover the basics and financial crisis. Burniske and Tatar also cover the differentiation between bitcoin and the comprehensive blockchain technology. The book goes deep about the types of crypto assets, and many other things are written.

Blockchain revolution!

This book is written by the father and young man lineup of Don and Alex Tapscott. The Blockchain revolution is a book that will give details on the blow of cryptocurrencies. This book will show you everything about blockchain technology and learn what we can do online and who can participate in it.

According to the writer, blockchain technology will improve the financial services system and help you safeguard your identity and information. This technology has so many benefits for business contracts, and it will also help you grow your business. This book will teach about blockchain technology and how it will change the future of transactions, money, and business. Don Tapscott, the author of Wikieconomics, and her son Alex are experts in the blockchain. Both will explain to you about blockchain technology in an easy way. Both authors have done a great job explaining what this technology can deliver you.

The Book of Satoshi!

Bitcoin and blockchain technology are linked with each other, and the reason is that blockchain made the crypto potential. This book tells you about the mysterious creator or inventor of the bitcoin crypto, Satoshi Nakamoto. Still, Nakamoto has no identity, and people have no idea about this person. The persona of Nakamoto has a practical subsistence, much like the creation of cryptocurrency.

This persona is only available on the online publication that Nakamoto offers to explain about the bitcoin crypto in the near the beginning days. This book is one of the leading writings of Nakamoto, and it includes the original paper from that you will be able to know about the bitcoin crypto in detail. This book also contains detail about the working of this digital crypto. One can quickly get all the information about bitcoin by reading this book.

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