A great many financial investors have confirmed that Bitcoin (BTC) is an astonishing advanced store of value.  In fact, it has been the very best asset investment over the last 10 years by far. Indeed, in the earliest days, Bitcoin would transform into a $ 1 USD play into thousands inside only a couple of years. Bitcoin tycoons and billionaires are now a thing!

In any case, before you venture out into BTC put time in and learn considerably more about this amazing digital energy that has already changed our thinking on money and its future in our world. By getting profoundly into it, you’ll not only be teaching yourself but will be advancing its adoption to others as you share the 411.

You see, BTC is proving to be a multiple-faceted revolution around the world and it’s too late to ignore it.

In this spirit, below, I will explore the reasons for its rise as the worlds leading digital coin. After you read it, I  encourage you to check other sources to confirm for yourself that bitcoin is a legit investment.  Check all reliable sources then get into it with eyes wide open.


Bitcoin as a Technological Revolution

I can easily say now that Bitcoin is turning out to be the greatest technological revolution of our times. In fact, Bitcoin has remained the most successful crypto launch among the thousands of digital tokens issued since its inception in 2009; holding more than 40% of the trillion-dollar growing market.

Bitcoin is decentralized and secured by “miners” all over the world running hundreds of thousands of computers dedicated to confirming transactions ensuring the network is secure for everyone.  The miners verify the blocks of transactions; similar to VISA verifying your credit card transactions except it’s not controlled by any one person or organization.

The man behind the coin, Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious un-revealed inventor of Bitcoin developed it like a P2P E-cash system. This system helps everyone obtain complete control over several performing transactions without requiring any credible third party. The coin depends upon the millions of computers running mathematical algorithms that are super hard to resolve to make Bitcoin a super-strong secure digital store of value.


A sculpture in Budapest Hungary committed to Satoshi Nakamoto

Bitcoin is The Money Revolution

From its inception Bitcoin has shaken up our global central banking system.  Why?  Because for the first time since the beginning of time, since the beginning when “money” was used as a means of exchange, this “money” is NOT and cannot be controlled by a king, government, or central authority.

Instead, it’s in the digital wind, on millions of computers, a true independent digital force that no once controls; an epic paradigm shift like we have NEVER seen in the history of our civilizations.  So yes, it’s correct when we say this is a true revolution in money and it’s this is only the beginning.

Bitcoin as an Ideological Revolution

Before the coin came into the market, many people felt that money could only exist in fiat currency and be secured in banks. They also felt that online transactions could only work with secured and credible third parties. Several groups like MasterCard, Visa, and PayPal have emerged as the third parties to make online transactions with ease. However, thanks to Satoshi, the world now has a true alternative.  Could it change the world?  It already has.

Bitcoin as a Social Revolution

For a really long time now, we have seen the monetary policies by central banks and their governments create havoc causing severe harm to citizens.

In Turkey this past year, their money was obliterated by government policies plunging citizens into poverty.  In Lebanon, it was worse.  The currency dropped by 90% at one point forcing good people into the streets to fight for food.

But, so far, in the USA, a global leader, Bitcoin is being relatively embraced by leaders.  At first, they freaked out but now, after slow thought, they are embracing the digital store of value.  They recognize it cannot be stopped so, instead, they are regulating exchanges with the most stringent KNOW YOUR CLIENT rules in the world.  This way they can chase down their citizens who don’t pay taxes on their gains.

More, this year, they are expected to regulate more and go deeper into the crypto world.  But since many Congress members are also investors in the space, it is expected to be rational and, most experts agree, actually a boom for Bitcoin.  Why?  Because, once regulation takes hold, then the bigger investment institutions that hold TRILLIONS of dollars will be able to invest with clarity for their clients creating a huge demand.

With a fixed supply of just 21 million, Bitcoin prices will rise in an epic way.  How much?  Well, currently as I write this article, Bitcoin is sitting at $ 36,000.  But by the end of 2024, when all regulation settles in from the USA and when other nations follow, it’s very possible that Bitcoin will be in the hundreds of thousands per coin.

Imagine Bitcoin at $ 500,000?   You say “impossible”?  That’s what they said about it when it was just $ 10 a coin; “Imagine Bitcoin at $ 100? Wow!” and now look.  Hey, it’s not magic.  It’s just a function of supply and demand. It’s that simple!  Best of Success Investors.

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