Author Stuart Littlewood takes us on a trip down memory road, a story that I had not thought of in some time. After my first couple of years doing public TV work in Atlanta, I began diversifying away from 100% live interview shows, to bringing edited field footage into my Heritage TV program mix.

Some of it was shot by yours truly, and some were donated. I worked on this story for weeks as the siege dragged out and was fortunate to get some fabulous footage, including the action of the Israelis blasting away at the church and using a lot of rocket flares trying to hit the ancient wooded roof and light it afire.

There was the night when an Israeli SWAT team tried to enter from a connecting upper floor neighboring building, only to discover that the Palestinians had anticipated where the most accessible point for them to attack was and set up a night ambush for them.

I have audio on that night’s event buried away somewhere on tape waiting to be updated to a current online video format. I am waiting for a slow time at VT if that ever happens.

That event, with Israeli soldiers, shot up, changed the Israeli aggressive stance on the siege, to one of the negotiations. I thank Stu for revisiting this piece of history for those who are not aware of it.

Sadly, after all this time, not much has changed in the Israel-Palestinian conflict. It serves Israel’s position to keep it going, helping to guarantee US aid, and much more. It has been another busy year of VT reporting on lengthy conflicts where only the faces change, but the entrenched conflict continues

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