Once again we have an ongoing international agreement scandal going on in plain sight with most interested parties pretending they don’t see anything out of line. The taxpayers are getting screwed was these officials get paid comfortable livings for duties which they do not honor.

Why? Well, the main reason is they look around and don’t see anyone else honoring them, hence they don’t want to be ‘the chump’ the is too stupid to see what is going on and get on the Santa Claus train of ‘take the money and keep your mouth shut’ option.

Next comes international media, an institution just shredded of any credibility, preyed upon by vultures of every sort. This eventually evolved into the new and improved version of ‘just buy the mother upper’s and use them in any manner you want.

Long-time VT readers are well aware of the blockbuster security stories we have broken where no one in military or civilian authority, politics, academia, and certainly no one in the veteran or patriotic orgs has ever called wanting to learn more.

But we keep scratching the scab by republishing the ‘dirty dozen’ one in bits and pieces to remind ‘them’ that we are still here despite all the bans and blocks, and we still have a lot more to release when the time is right where it can have some effect, as in if someone really makes an effort to take us out.

We have one that should be published soon. To this end, we are really trying to stay healthy as when we are no longer around we do not have a line of aspirants waiting to take over. The remuneration is not attractive and the risks are constant, but it sure is a lot of fun tormenting the bastards whenever we can

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