Houthi missiles and Kamakazi drones retaliate on Saudi targets


Lethal Ping-Pong War Continues

…from SouthFront

[ Editor’s Note: The UN report of 377,000 Yemen victims in the Saudi war with the US as an ally is now reaching US WWII KIA figures. It reminds me of the ‘Reap what you have sown’ biblical warning, which seems to have gone out of style in America.

So we have to ask ourselves what the real dynamics of this war are. We don’t expect to see any US Vietnam era type protest marches in SA.

Few Saudis are actually fighting, some pilots for sure, but the ground troops are disposable and very affordable third worlders, hired to die in a foreign land so Saudi Royalty can play the Prince and Kingdom game where they never have to fight anything personally.

Syria continues to be a victim of another American ‘forever war’, where the Saudis have been a partner.

Americans hear little of Yemen now, even from the Biden administration, which has bigger issues to deal with. Lurking in the shadows is an American civil war, if not contained, could give us a dose of some unpleasant experiences that no one is even thinking of, like a political terror war here, which some view in its early stages now. Thus ends my cheery missive for todayJim W. Dean ]

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