Will Western interference in Russian affairs ever get the same scrutiny as vice versa?

…from PressTV, Tehran

[ Editor’s Note: I was surprised to see PressTV describe Navalny as a blogger, when he is possibly the biggest tool the US has for destabilization inside Russia. In the heyday of the Russian opposition, with heavy American NGO support, the opposition was pulling about 35% of the vote.

But when Putin threw the NGOs out, the opposition only pulled 15% in the following election, showing that US support, like paying demonstrators, had a huge effect.

Some would say that Russian countermeasures were to be expected after the years, decades really, of the US doing all it could to politically colonize and asset strip Russia. And this was no one-off event.

There are many in the intelligence field that would tell you that it is an active area of government, and considered just another day at the office, but one that must be kept quiet, so as not to upset the voters by their learning they are just along for the ride to eat the leftovers.

I am still waiting for someone with standing to pose having an international conference on a scale like what led up to the formation of the UN, one that would begin a discussion on a new organization pledged to not interfere in the affairs of others and engage in economic domination.

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