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[ Editor’s Note: This is not an aggressive move by the Biden administration, but a response to Trump having throw overboard pre-Trump appointees to pack the boards with members of his gang. But this current move does not include those who have already been sworn in.

In the Intel world these are known as “stay behinds”, people in low enough positions to not be high profile, but also close enough to what is going on as to be good sources of information to an out of power political party, and possibly even a foreign country that is supporting that political party.

In Israel’s case it would be both Dems and Republicans, the political version of betting red or black at the roulette table. And the value of having them on these boards to get reports on its deliberation would not be the limit of their value.

The prestige of being on such boards would open other doors that would enable these stay behinds to access a wide array of defense area deliberations to pass on to interested outside parties.

We are going to see more coming out in the following months of how not only was the Trump organization run like a mafia, but also to serve the interests of other parties behind the scenes, like those behind Trump whose names were not common knowledge.

More difficult will be rooting out all the infiltrators in the police and even the military that has fueled their ranks, including leadership roles in the Trump militias and brownshirts, an investment which was not made for a four-year return, but to support a family political dynasty.

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