The GOP’s answer to its post-Trump blues: More Trump

…from Politico

[ Editor’s Note: I was concerned about this happening early on, not because I am smarter than all the political pundits, but simply not seeing anywhere else for Trump supporters to go.

Moderate Republicans, the ones that used to always be able to compromise in a dialogue about proposed legislation, are an endangered species. There is no way they could ever attract the Trumper vote due to their antipathy toward conspiracies, which is the political crack cocaine to the T-mob, without which they all would remain in a permanent depression.

While Trump has mentioned a possible third party, literally a death threat to the Republican party in terms of ever seeing a majority again, why would he want to start from scratch, when all the state party Republican infrastructure is in place waiting to be used, especially fund raising?

Political cynics have long believed the politicians’ interests for their country is several items down their list, with remaining in power being number one.

The post Capitol coup poll a few days ago showed 45% of Republicans still totally on board the event. What state Republican wants to stick his head into that buzz saw in the next election? And then came the news this morning that we will be hearing of more Republicans not running in 2022, tired of all the endless infighting.

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