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    Iran Just Bought 32 SU-35 Fighters Better Than Anything Israel Has

    Iran will receive 32 Su-35 fighters followed by the 5th generation Checkmate.

    Disgraced Israel doesn’t need US permission to strike Iran – FM

    This story is directly from a Russian government source tied to the former Trump regime. RT: “Israel will do whatever it needs to do to protect its security. And we don’t need anybody’s permission for that. That’s been the case since the first day we established this state,” says Israeli FM Yair Lapid.

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    Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Exploring its own Central Bank Digital Currency...

    Jordan studying possibility of launching a legal digital currency, one that will be linked with its national currency.


    ‘The New Reality’ as Russia Outlines Basis for Third World War

    “NATO’s eastward expansion is unacceptable. We are not the ones threatening someone. We are not the ones approaching the US or British borders. The West must provide us with guarantees immediately. Now.”

    Putin Has a Big Brother in Xi

    Russia has core concerns regarding Ukraine, further NATO expansion, and placement of missiles within range of sensitive sites in Russia

    Book Review: The Death of Nazi Germany Exposes Horrific Treatment of German Women...

    This shockingly explicit review of one of the most outspoken books about Allied atrocities against postwar Germany is not for the squeamish.

    This Christmas remember how Israel desecrated the Church of the Nativity

    Nearly 20 years ago Israeli occupation troops viciously murdered innocent civilians inside and outside Christianity’s oldest church

    America’s Enemies Begin War on Ghost of RDS

    Veterans Today contributor caught in an international web of political chaos

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